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 Birthday Parties

Rooms for up to 12 people...$20.00*

Rooms for up to 24 people...$30.00*

Reservation required

*=+admission price for afternoon weekend sessions is $5.50 each person skating, minimum of 10 for small or large rooms
admission for evening weekend session is $6.00 per person skating, minimum of 10.

Snack bar tables require no reservation and admission is at regular price, unless there are 10 or more skaters, then there is $1 off admission price per skater.

We follow a schedule during session with a game every 30 minutes.  If you do cake and presents right after a game, you have the best chance of not getting interrupted by another game.  We will be more than happy to announce when you are doing food and or presents so you can get everyone together easier.

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